Fabric Flowers – Free Easy Pattern

Fabric-FlowersFabric Flowers

Fabric flowers are easy to make. Even better is the fact that you can use small pieces of left-over fabric. So they cost little to nothing. One more cool thing, you can use those really pretty buttons you’ve had in a junk drawer for years.

Below is an easy Fabric Flower pattern. Even has a picture tutorial and a quick video tutorial to teach you how to make them.

Your Fabric Flowers Supplies:

Four flower cut-outs, scissors, needle, thread, button, pins, fabric circle (not in picture)

For Fabric Flower PDF Template Click: HERE











Below is an easy picture tutorial you follow from left to right.



Fabric Flowers Video Tutorial

Easy Step by Step instructions. Listen for a few great ideas on how to make your flowers even better.

Mission Application for Your Fabric Flowers

These flowers lend themselves for so many applications. Most of all to make what you already have look prettier and / or more feminine. My favorite use is Hats for homeless shelters and missions to cold climate countries.

Hat with Fabric Flower

Another cool application: Sandals

Fabric Flowers



Cool tools you can use to make your fabric flowers:


Clover Flower Maker – 1


Fabric Flower – 1


Clover Flower Maker – 2

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flower – 2

Fabric Flower

Clover Flower Maker – 3


Fabric Flower – 3






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