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Comfort-DollsComfort Dolls

Comfort dolls also known as Izzy Dolls, Duzuzu Dolls and Softie Dolls. They are easy to make, and because they are small and multi-colored they’re a great way to use up all your left-over yarn.

These little knitted treasures are badly needed. I Hope you will consider ICROSS for your dolls. This is a beautiful and unique Christian ministry. They take the dolls and use them to protect medicine being shipped to Africa. Once the medicine is unpacked the dolls are distributed among the local children who live in desperate conditions suffering from illness and starvation. The little dolls bring great joy at a small cost. What a practical and loving use of this adorable resource.

There are a number of ways to knit these little guys. You can knit, crochet or loom.

Comfort Doll Free Pattern

For more information on the loom knit pattern with video tutorial: Click Here

For more information on crochet or knit pattern: Click Here


Below is a Quick Cheat Sheet for the Comfort Dolls

This cheat sheet was meant to be used with a loom but can be easily translated for crochet or knitting needles. The main objective is to follow the number of rows. As you move from section to section, change the color of the yarn.  I use a loom for this project and so I start at the bottom with the feet. If you prefer you can make them black so that they look more like shoes then like feet. You can even add a few cross stitches to make them look like sneaker. The doll is one continues tube.You can stuff the doll and sew to indent. I used embroider floss to define the details.


The Bible Verse in the ICROSS Logo is Psalms 8:9

The needy will not be forgotten nor the helps of the afflicted perish.

THE DOLLS OF JOY – The ICROSS Website says:

The use of comfort dolls began in 1998 when the first medical supplies were sent. Many of the supplies in the original shipment were made of glass (test tubes, glass vials etc.). The little knitted dolls were placed in the box as packing to protect the valuable medical supplies. As it turned out, the dolls became one of the most popular donations. ICROSS CANADA continues to stress the “I” in International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering. Izzy Comfort Dolls are known in the far corners of our globe and continue to bring joy to the children of the poor in the 3rd world.



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