Make Earrings

Make Earrings in 5 Minutes

Make Earrings

Beginners can easily make earrings by following these simple instructions in text, picture and video. Supplies are cheap and few. As few that wasn’t enough here is a great way to recycle your old holiday cards.

With wise shopping these can be the perfect outreach tool, fund raiser, party favor, home business.


Yarn Giveaway December 2014

Yarn Giveaway December 2014

Yarn Giveaway December 2014 has an awesome yarn giveaway that does more then just add to you yarn stash it helps World Vision help kids in poverty get warm. Join in the Yarn Giveaway December 2014 and more importantly share the link with your friends.

If you win you get 3 skeins of Premier yarns Ever-soft. Oddly enough I had not heard of this company. But if you’re familiar with Caron Simply Soft and you like it you will definitely be a fan of this brand as well. I especially love their boldness in this partnership.

I purchased my skein at my local A.C. Moore, I must applaud them as well for taking part in this great campaign to World Vision.

Below is You Link to Enter to Win the Yarn Giveaway December 2014

Click HERE



Fabric Flowers – Free Easy Pattern

Fabric-FlowersFabric Flowers

Fabric flowers are easy to make. Even better is the fact that you can use small pieces of left-over fabric. So they cost little to nothing. One more cool thing, you can use those really pretty buttons you’ve had in a junk drawer for years.

Below is an easy Fabric Flower pattern. Even has a picture tutorial and a quick video tutorial to teach you how to make them.


Comfort Dolls – Free Pattern – Easy

Comfort-DollsComfort Dolls

Comfort dolls also known as Izzy Dolls, Duzuzu Dolls and Softie Dolls. They are easy to make, and because they are small and multi-colored they’re a great way to use up all your left-over yarn.

These little knitted treasures are badly needed. I Hope you will consider ICROSS for your dolls. This is a beautiful and unique Christian ministry. They take the dolls and use them to protect medicine being shipped to Africa. Once the medicine is unpacked the dolls are distributed among the local children who live in desperate conditions suffering from illness and starvation. The little dolls bring great joy at a small cost. What a practical and loving use of this adorable resource.

There are a number of ways to knit these little guys. You can knit, crochet or loom.